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Golf is great exercise...


...If You Run After The Ball


Query the average business executive as to what he does to keep in condition, and you'll get an answer something like this "Oh I get plenty of exercise. I play golf at least twice a week."  As he says the word "exercise," you notice that his paunch is popping over his pants, and he's out of breath just from showing you his two-over-par stroke.

You wonder why.  The fact is that playing golf is not a game of exercise. Not the way it's being played nowadays.  True years ago it entailed a great deal of walking, in­cluding the carrying of a heavy golf bag for a full 18 holes. This develops stamina. Today, golf is nothing more than a game of skill in which you ride the full length and breadth of the course on a golf cart, do a great deal of talking and betting, which is followed by a full course of heavy drinking and eating on the 19th hole.  This develops the paunch. 

Before all the golf enthusiasts get up in arms about anyone criticizing their beloved sport, let it be known here and now that golf is one of the most popular games in America. It's produced some great performers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, and has benefited some great charities thanks to people like Bob Hope and Perry Como. And it's fun and develops coordination. But that's all that it is. Don't deceive yourself into believing that it gives you the adequate exercise you need.

What is the alternative?

Good old-fashioned exercise such as moderate calisthenics, brisk walking and swimming are excellent for your overall integrity and health.  Try sit-ups, push-ups side twists, neck-rotations.  Still play golf, but do that in addition to, not instead of, more stimulating exercise. And if you happen to belong to a golf club that still allows you to walk and carry your own clubs, do it. In fact, running after the ball isn't as silly as it sounds. It's certainly more interesting that just running, and healthier than riding. 

Before you go off and try to make up for all the exercise you've been missing by thinking golf is an exercise here's a warning from you doctor of chiropractic. 

Don't overdo it. You have to build your capacity for exercise by increasing your involvement slowly. And never, never try to push yourself beyond your limitations. To protect your health, it is wise to have a check-up, including and examination of your spine and nervous system on a regular basis. If an exercise pro­gram is advisable, your doctor can outline a practical and sensible regimen for you.

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