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 Living in a computerized age, we are impressed with the miracle of electronics. But how much do you know about the miracles performed by the Super Machine, the human body?

Here are a few facts that might give you a better under- standing and appreciation on your physical being:

Your heart is the most efficient pump in existence for its size, beating approximately 75 times a minute or 40 million times a year. Its function is to pump blood to all organs, supplying food and nourishment to tissues.  Likewise, it circulates the blood through the lungs where it gathers oxygen.

In a period of one day, the heart supplies enough energy to lift six tractor-trailers off the ground.

At the rate of 2-1/2 gallons of blood per hour, your heart in one-year pumps enough blood to fill a two-inch pipeline running coast-to-coast.

Your stomach produces a strong acid, which aids in digestion.  A drop of the hydrochloric acid produced would burn cloth, raise a blister on your skin and tarnish metal; yet, it does not bother the walls of the stomach under normal conditions.

In a lifetime the stomach will digest about 50 tons of food.

There are more than 600 muscles in your body. Working in pairs, it takes as many as 200 to do a simple task like putting a box on a shelf.  

Your body is made up of cells.  They are so small that   if you were to lay them side by side, it would take more than 4000 to cover an area of just one square inch.

Your lungs are filters which take oxygen out of the air.  In breathing, you use almost 100 gallons of oxygen each day.

There are more than 25 trillion red cells in your blood stream, which carry life-giving oxygen from your lungs.  In the plasma, which floats through your body, are also white cells. White cell' s are an army of guards enforcing safety by attacking disease.

The central nervous system originated in the brain and extends through the spinal column, reaching every major part of the body. Three million impulses are generated in the nervous system every second.

Your brain is the receiving station for more than 125 million light receptors in the eye, 100 million hearing receptors in the ear, 3,000 taste receptors? 30,000 heat rectors, 250,000 cold receptors and 1/2 billion touch receptors.

There is no doubt about it the human body is a complicated mechanism. With a balanced diet, spinal adjustments, rest and exercise you can keep this super machine functioning at its best.

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