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Youth is a feeling...not an age


Or your only as old as you feel

How old are you?  Not in years but in spirit? 

The late comedian, Ed Wynn, in his later years had a formula for staying young. He said that instead of worrying about his actual age and feeling old, he picked some important event in his life and figured his age from that point. In his particular case, the event was his marriage.  Therefore, he quoted his age 20 to 30 years younger...and felt the same.

Youth is a feeling not an age. There are youthful oldsters and old youngsters. So chronological age in itself means nothing.

Whether you are 8 or 80, if you want to stay youthful, this doctor of chiropractic passes the following suggestions:

(1) Keep busy, too much leisure causes the mind to stagnate and body to deteriorate.

(2) Have hobbies. Select activities that give you a complete diversion from your regular work.

(3) Maintain friendships. Everyone has a need for the companionship and respect of friends.

(4) Set goals and have additions. You are never too old nor too young to plan.

(5) Eat regular, well-balanced meals. Do not overeat. Likewise, avoid crash or fad diets.

 (6) Allow yourself "think" time.   Don't put   yourself on so tight a schedule that you do not have time for yourself.  

(7) Keep physically fit. Establish a regular program of moderate exercise.    

(8) Maintain good posture, keep your chest out, stomach in, back straight, and chin up.

(9) Get regular health examinations and spinal adjustments.   Practice preventive care.

You should realize that your life is precious and well worth preserving. Retain that spirit of youth by maintaining good health.

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