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Do You Have The Spirit?



Valley Forge... the minutemen... Paul Reverer's ride...

As the Fourth of July progresses, we will see more people around Cudahy and South Milwaukee getting into the patriotic spirit.

And rightly so. Americans everywhere should be proud of their fine heritage and traditions.

But what about your own personal heritage - your body? Are you taking pride in it and taking care of it? As we rededicate ourselves to the principles of democracy and freedom in America, it's time also to remember that the strength of our nation depends on the will of the people to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Look around you. How many people do you know who have slowed down at 20 or 30, and appear to be carrying the burdens of the world at 40? How many do you know whose backs are bent, whose eyes are dull, whose stomachs protrude? How many do you know who have rioter themselves to get lofty flabby, and out of condition? How many have you seen whose health has decelerated purely because of poor habits? Let us start off this holiday by striving to improve our health and fitness.   You can feel better quickly be   following some simple rules.   First of all, eat nutritious, well-balanced meals, and develop intelligent eating habits.   Don't   overeat; don't   under eat.

Avoid diet   fad.   Secondly, get plenty of exercise. The human body function best when it is active and has good tone. When you don't use your body, it atrophies; when you misuse it, you subject yourself to injury and disease. For example, if you carry a normal arm in a sling for a period of time, the muscles become weak and smaller.  An x-ray will even show changes in the bone structure.

Deterioration can occur with muscles, organs, limbs and functions when you lead a sedentary life?  And injury can occur when you are negligent about your health or safety.  The body is meant to be active. And when it is used properly, with proper care and maintenance vitality results.

Health authorities recommend all forms of moderate exercise as a means of keeping in condition.  This has been found also to be an excellent remedy for insomnia and nervous tension.  In addition it is important to remember that the maintenance of good health requires regular health examinations as a preventive measure.

This is the year to take new pride in yourself, your body and in America. Get in the Spirit of Health!                 

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