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The near perfect machine

Your Body

It is a machine that runs non-stop 24 hours each day. Its beauty has been captured on canvas my centuries of gifted artists. Its graceful structure rivals any to be found in engineering history? Its mechanism surpasses even the most complex machines of our computerized age.  What is it?  The human body.

Although lost of us usually take our bodies for granted, we should instead appreciate what wonderful creations they are. For instance, did you realize that the human body is proportioned with almost exact balanced symmetry?

This symmetry allows a ballerina to leap gracefully, an athlete to run fluidly, a child to stop abruptly.  It also gives each of us the balance we need for our organs to function healthfully.  And when the structural integrity of the body is disturbed, health disorders and physical inabilities frequently show up.

The human body's proportions are often expressed in terms of the length of the head.  Did you know:

----The height of an adult is eight times the length of the head, or eight heads?

----The distance across your body, from the fingertips of your outstretched arms, equals your height from head to foot?

----The distance from your hips to your feet is four heads?

----The length of the head should equal the width of the waist?

----Your knees are six heads from the top of your head?

---- The width across the shoulders is two heads?

---- The foot equals the length of the forearm from the elbow to the wrist bone, or one head?

---- Your waist is 3 heads down from the top of your head?

---- The hands reach the middle of the thigh, or five heads down?

Perhaps the fact that the body's shape and form is measured in terms of the head is a clue to what is required to maintain structural balance and health, common sense dictates that a finely tuned machine must be cared for if it is to function properly.  Likewise, wisdom also tells us that a body that is allowed to get to get out of balance, whatever the cause, be it the result of an unusual trauma or just everyday fatigue, will not function its beat.


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