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One of the findings from the 84-day Skylab mission was that the astronauts grew taller, as much as an inch and three quarters.

 Physicians concluded that without the pull of gravity to push down on his skeleton, the spaceman's body simply loosens up with the distance between each disc in the spinal column expanding slightly.  Within days of their return, the gravitational force of earth upon them once again the astronauts slowly returned to their normal height.

 Gravity is a magnetic force that holds man and all his worldly possessions on the earth. Its effect is felt and seen in the shapes, forms, and abilities of all living things on earth. It is friend and foe alike, for gravity helps us with some jobs and hinders us in others.

 Think how gravity affects the human body in various stages of life. As an infant, mans first attempt to maintain an upright posture and walk produces the toddler's classic profile -a prominent abdomen and swayback.  As the child's body grows into adolescence his muscles right gravities force to give his a well-proportioned chest and flat abdomen.

 In later years as gravities never tiring full stresses old and tired muscles the senior citizen is again found with a pendulous lower abdomen and swayback. The cycle goes the full round.

 The force of Gravity is acting upon your body at all times.  The amount of success in adapting to the force of gravity governs our functional ability and health.

 Athletes, such as a gymnast or a ballerina are particularly successful in adapting to gravity and thus are very agile. People who have gained too much weight or allowed their bodies to get out of shape often appear clumsy or accident-prone.

 This proves that by keeping fit and staying well balanced with chiropractic care we can improve the structural integrity of our body and function at a much higher level in our job and daily routine.




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