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Neck pain

Your Neck

Your neck bones are called cervical vertebrae.  Cervix is the Latin word for neck meaning a constricted area.  Your neck makes up the top seven vertebrae of your spine.  A healthy neck is flexible and pain free and the vertebrae are balanced and aligned with a natural curve.  Your neck supports your head and allows it to move in multiple directions. 

The Problem
Neck problems can cause a variety of symptoms; you may have pain and muscle spasm, soreness, headaches, and/or referred pain into your shoulders, arm, or hand.  Stiffness or pain may be caused by poor posture, fatigue, muscle tension, or stress.  Neck pain can come on suddenly as in the case of whiplash or can accumulate over years as with stress or poor posture.
Consult Our Office
Chiropractic spinal care can correct many forms of neck pain and stiffness.  Spinal adjustments can help restore proper movement to your spinal column, permitting greater energy, information and nutrients to flow over your nerves and tissues.  At Bykowski Chiropractic We specialize in reducing interference to the nervous system in the neck.  Call our office today or email Dr. Jim with your questions or schedule a no obligation consultation. (New patient forms)

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