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Back pain
Back pain or pain of any kind is a sign something's wrong. Over 85% of Americans suffer from lower back pain at one time in their life.  Some people try to control the pain with drugs. Although drugs may temporarily ease the symptoms of pain, they do not control the 

Common Causes

The nerve-rich facet joints on the back side of each spinal bone are a common cause of back pain. The pain can be a sign these interlocking "fingers" aren't moving right.  The discs between spinal bones can be involved. Trauma can cause the soft, pulpy material in the middle to bulge, putting pressure on nearby nerves.

Your Choices
We've helped many people with chiropractic care. Your other choices include:
Ignore it (Spinal problems worsen.)
Bed rest (Prolongs the problem.)
Therapy (Stresses malfunctioning joints.)
Medicine (Covers up the problem.)
Surgery (Drastic. Risky. Ineffective.)

Chiropractic Works
Chiropractic adjustments can help the lower back pain by increasing mobility and correcting misalignments." By restoring the way your spine works, nerve involvement is reduced, pain eases and the body can heal.  If you don't have a chiropractor, we'd like to be yours. Schedule a free consultation today. 

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