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Orthopedic support pillows

Cervical contour pillows, provide proper neck support for a good nights sleep  Now $32.00



Valentine Special

1 hour Massage for $55.00

Call Christy direct 262-995-8170
or email christy_maiwald@yahoo.com.


Get 10% off all Biofreeze products

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Fish Oil

Pharmacetical-grade omega-3 fatty acids, EPA-DHA, Purity certified  $25.00/bottle

DHA and EPA are considered to be some of the the most essential nutrients for optimal health.  Unfortunately, the typical American diet tends to contain 11 to 30 times more omega-6 than omega -3 fatty acids---which can negatively influence metabolic functions and result in undesirable health consequences.  Adding omega-3  fatty acids aids; cell membrane structure, immune system, skin and mucous membranes, cardiovascular system, central nervous system (brain), retinal health (eyes).

Glucosamine Sulfate

Chondrorelief the preferrd brand of glucosamine to support healthy joint function  $31.00/180 tab.

Glucosamine is essential for the protiens that bind water in cartilage.  It stimulates cartilage cells to produce protiens, keeping the joint cartilage strong and well lubicated.


The original trigger point self-massager  $50.00

The multiple bumps and handles makes even the most difficult areas easy to reach.


Maximum potency calcium bone formula  $10.00

Orthoheel  Orthotics

Orthoheel shock absorbing
Semi-custom archsupports      $31.00


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